Who is Scott Comegys?


Scott Comegys has lived in Western and Central New York his entire life, initially growing up and living in Rochester, NY and then finding a home and farm to raise a family in Palmyra, NY.

Public school in Rochester allowed him to experience diversity in society, blending students of many different ethnic, economic, religious, and intellectual backgrounds. Aside from academics that taught him valuable critical thinking skills, an appreciation for science, the environment, and the humanities, he gained an ability to empathize with people in order to overcome challenges by working through common goals.

After graduating high school Scott Comegys gained employment, successfully working and managing in retail and movie theatre industries before becoming involved with construction agencies, and then as a facility manager for Strong Memorial Hospital.

As a manager he was able to lead operations to become more successful by building upon the diverse talents of the people that worked for him, as well as putting forth significant personal effort in whatever the job needed. By understanding that we all succeed if we help all those around us succeed he earned the respect and trust of his staff and colleagues.

In 2012 Scott took a risk and decided to build an alpaca farm in Palmyra, NY. The idea behind the farm was to establish a place that held to sustainable farming practices with a product that had sustained an entire culture for millennia. While working hard at his farm he also re-entered school at Monroe Community College and earned his degree in Sustainability Studies in 2016. Both working at his farm and working for his degree gave him profound insight into the challenges our society is facing, and inspired him to come forward to help overcome those challenges.

Throughout his life Scott has been engaging with people of all walks of life. He brings people together, listens to them, and tries his best to help them with common goals. He leads by example in hopes that others will be able to find their place and happiness in our society by being honest with themselves, respecting others, and working towards a common prosperity while at the same time working to enrich themselves. "Balance in all things," is a common phrase one hears from him. He believes that a representative in government should hear the people they represent, work for the people they represent, and be accountable to the people they represent. He believes that representation should result in progress, prosperity, and unity for the people of the nation.



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