This week's news so far...

To recap the news so far this week-

The Senate tax bill has passed its committee and is headed to debate and a probable vote in the Senate. This bill, like the House bill that passed, despite the claims of those who proposed it, would actually further shift more tax burden onto working and middle class families by raising their taxes while cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations, as well as cut health insurance and allow harm come to protected areas of the environment. Please actually read the tax bill and all of the commentary surrounding it. It does not benefit the nation as a whole and further divides us.
Our 45th President has reignited criticism with his uncontrollable tweeting, this time insulting the top Democrats in an effort to discredit them before negotiating a spending bill to keep the government running. He also shared unverified videos from a far right group in the UK in an effort to drum up further animosity towards all Muslims, earning him condemnation from our strong ally, the United Kingdom. I also condemn his actions and tweets as a malicious attempt to further divide the nation, foment hate, and decrease our standing in the international community. This is a violation of the office of the President, and Congress has a duty to address it. However, first pay attention to the tax bill, please.
Allegations of sexual misconduct arise against long term congressman John Conyers, as well as exposing a foul way for congressmen to settle suits of sexual harrassment. John Conyers has served our nation well. He has done important and good work. However, I stand with those that condemn sexual misconduct and have zero tolerance for it. If, upon investigation and confirmation of the charges, sexual misconduct has been the behavior, justice must be served and whoever commits such heinous acts should resign. This is true for Senator Franken, who has honorably started the process of investigation on himself. This is true for Congressman Conyers, who should do the same. This is true for our 45th President.
Puerto Rico still has not been adequately aided in recovery from the devastation of the hurricanes of this past season It is beyond me that we have US citizens that have yet to be helped months after the hurricanes hit.
Our 45th President, at a ceremony to honor Native American code talkers of World War II, decided to insult Native Americans as well as a US Senator by using "Pocahontas" in a derogatory fashion, negating the honor deserved by war veterans who helped in our nations fight against fascism.


I understand that people wanted a change in how our government is run. Somehow I feel that the change was supposed to unite us to a common cause, not try and divide us at every turn and have us fighting with our neighbors. I want to turn this around and have us united in the cause of prosperity and progress for everyone in our nation. To accomplish this we must, sadly, fight against the efforts of this administration at every turn, in hopes that we can make a positive change and get beyond the fight.
We need a tax bill that fairly distributes the tax burden to help those who need it most. We need a healthcare system that allows us to control costs and provide healthcare as a right, not a burden. We need to address those forces that we control to combat climate change by further developing sustainable and renewable energy technology, and need to protect our environment so that we have clean air and water, which is also a right. We need to encourage education and have the best access to education so that we can further progress on all levels.
All of these serve as a start to unite us and we can have a better nation. That is the end goal, isn't it?

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