Seneca Falls

It has been a week since my eldest and I joined masses of people in Seneca Falls to march in support of women, women's rights, reproductive rights, gender rights, black rights, brown rights, religious rights, and all civil rights. In other words, we marched in support for the right to be a person.26904085_10215052196768846_5400922430513297033_n.jpg

26805500_10215052195928825_8359785749737333319_n.jpgAfter all this time, how is it that we have to have a protest to insure that we have the right to be a person? Why are we fighting about that? We should be celebrating our diversity. We should be celebrating our individuality, our unique forms of expression, and the fact that all of the different ways that each of us exist adds to our society and makes us something more.

And yet, come this Monday, there will be a vote in the Senate regarding how an individual women will or will not be allowed to govern what happens to her own body.

And yet, women who are, in court, facing the person who assaulted them are being criticized for doing so.

And yet, there are people running for office in Missouri essentially proclaiming that women who are demonstrating for their own rights are "career obsessed banshees who forego home life and children and the happiness of family to become nail-biting manophobic hell-bent feminist she-devils."

27067106_10215052195688819_2382263433253642665_n.jpgAs a matter of law, and democracy, people are allowed to express their opinions. People can think and say how they think abortion is murder, or that rapists are somehow victims when they are confronted, or that feminism means that the concept of family is destroyed. Others, like myself and literally millions of other women and men from all backgrounds, can say those opinions are wrong and we are going to do as much as we can to not let people who are trying to suppress any civil rights into power in our government and that we will fight against any legislation that seeks to curb civil rights in any manner.

And when we succeed, we will celebrate. We will celebrate in Seneca Falls again, marching in solidarity again, and chanting how we appreciate all of our rights and means of expression. When we succeed, we will protect those rights from the assault of those who haven't yet understood that when we all can celebrate our rights, we become something greater. We become the United States.



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