We, as a nation, need progress in expanding democracy, seeing that as it grows, as the will of the people is served, our nation prospers. We achieve “a more perfect Union.” Not a wholly perfect Union, as we must accept that not all individuals will wholly agree on many things, but a robust democracy will represent more union than not. We progress on solutions to issues that have plagued humanity for millennia, and each step in that progress eventually guarantees equal rights for all, equal opportunity for all, and the ability to prosper not based on the circumstances of birth, but the efforts of the individual.

Congress should promote "a more perfect Union" by-

Engaging, Encouraging, and Protecting Voter Rights

Providing for the General Welfare- 

Universal Healthcare

Environmental Conservation and Protection



Universal Healthcare

We know that the single most costly expense that our people face, and the thing that can either prevent or enable people to work and prosper, is healthcare. Quite simply, we cannot work and thrive if we are not healthy, but in maintaining our health with increasingly expensive health insurance we are spending most of our earnings and are unable to spend on other areas of the economy, cannot save to improve our personal financial situations, and can certainly not invest in new technologies, businesses, or innovations. 

We can recognize that healthcare is a basic human right, and provide for it. Our constitution mandates that we provide for the general welfare of the people. Healthcare affects everyone in the nation. We should, therefore, provide a healthcare system for all through the government, such as the proposed medicare for all bill introduced in the Senate.

Medicare for all benefits -

Reducing overall costs of providing healthcare

Providing healing, comfort, and security for those who need it

Securing the medical rights of all


Guaranteeing Reproductive Rights

Mental health care

Fair treatment

Providing the ability to keep working

Enabling saving or spending to encourage growth

Creates jobs and further grows the economy



Environmental Conservation and Protection

Our environment is our home, and our home is threatened by pollution and an ever-rising temperature. We need clean air, water, and soil in order to maintain our health. We also need to ensure that the climate change that we are experiencing is mitigated so that we don’t suffer the effects of prolonged high temperatures, or risk our lives further in the increasingly powerful storms that are occurring as a result of climate change.

The storms that recently battered Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Texas, and Florida are all prime examples of why we must act on Climate Change.

The constant oil and chemical spills that contaminate water sources in the Dakotas or in West Virginia highlight why we must protect our environment.

Conservation and Protection Benefits -

Reduction of our healthcare costs. Clean air, water, and soil (and therefore less toxins in our food) lead to healthy people

Innovation in areas of power generation, agriculture, and transportation

Job creation by developing and implementing Green Economic Initiatives-

                        Alternative Energy Development


Infrastructure Building



Installation and Maintenance

An entire new world of prosperity is opened simply by addressing one of the most pervasive problems of our generation, and we are further serving the mandate of our constitution by providing for the general welfare and the common defense.



Our democracy and our prosperity cannot grow unless we improve and invest in our education system in all stages of life.

This is the most difficult challenge that we face by far as it touches all facets of our lives.

We need to ensure that our youngest are encouraged to explore their world, be creative in their thinking and the expression of their thoughts, and develop interpersonal skills as well as physical skills. As they progress in their education we need to give them the tools to continually refine themselves and grow those skills, giving them access to the facts of every topic, teaching critical thinking and logic, encouraging them to explore what their nature is in order to develop themselves as adults.

At the end of high school, we should expect that our children are fully realized and functioning adults who are ready to join the workforce and live as adults.

Then we give them the opportunity, if they desire it and have shown that they are ready for it, to build further on that education with college and universities.

For this to become reality we need to commit to developing educational resources for all, encouraging and promoting teachers, better facilities, and a community based approach to learning.

Education achieves-




Stronger community





None of this is easy, and will take time to find the right way to fund fairly and wisely, as well as implement in our society. I am confident that if we proceed in earnest we can achieve these first steps in a long journey, but by taking these steps we progress on our way to securing the Blessings of Liberty that we hold so dearly in our nation, providing for the general welfare, and ultimately providing progress and prosperity for everyone, building the unity that we so desperately need.

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