This is the beginning

Welcome! This is the beginning to a hopeful campaign.
A little over a year ago there was a shattering wake up call to many of us. We lost. And we had been losing for almost a decade. And it was because we weren't doing enough! We lost our sense that maybe the nation would successfully get past climate change, or progress with building equality and civil rights, or even have a nation that was capable of maintaining jobs. We lost hope.

That was last year, and that was an end of that. All endings are truly new beginnings, and this past year we have seen more people engage our government in every possible venue and about every possible subject. We have seen record breaking demonstrations, we have made more calls to our representatives, we have stood in defiance of a small group of people who hold us back, and we have elected more new progressives to office than ever before.

It is not enough to oppose what has become of our government. We have to offer an alternative that promises hope. We have to offer hope that we can get past the polarization, the bitter unending fighting, the divisions that last year firmed up. We have to offer a vision where we know that we can all live and work and prosper as we desire, and know that our fellow citizens can as well.

This is the beginning of hope.


Central New York is an amazing place. We have agriculture mixed with technology mixed with the arts mixed with breathtaking wild land. We have people capable and willing to create better lives, compassionate communities ready to grow, if only given the chance.

And that chance can be given if we begin to concentrate on three areas that are of highest importance- healthcare, environmental protection and conservation, and education.  Through these areas we can better control our cost of living, create jobs, and promote innovation that will carry us through the next century.

As we progress we will promote and expand on these ideas further. For now, this is the first step.

I am asking to serve as your representative, Central New York.



Scott Comegys

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