Aggression on December 7

Today we should think about aggression and its cost. Why? Today marks the anniversary of aggression against the United States that ultimately led to our involvement in World War II, where we fought against fascism and imperialism. We marked ourselves firmly on the side of fighting for freedom and democracy, of defending those that needed help, and in hopes of attaining peace in the world.
Yesterday our president threw that notion of our nation right out by ignoring hope for peace in the Middle East in favor of currying political favor with his base. By declaring that the US will now recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel he has destabilized relations not only with allies in the Middle East, but around the world, and has taken the US effectively away from mediating any peaceful solution in the Middle East. This also serves to fuel anti US sentiment worldwide and make it easier for terrorists to radicalize and recruit more.
In one aggressive move our president has made the world less safe for US citizens, contrary to what he is charged to do.
Some will say that we are supporting Israel, who is a strong ally and in need of support in the area due to the aggressions of neighboring Arab states. They will assert that the president is taking a firm stance against terrorists. They will say that we needed to take this side to promote democracy.
Nothing can be further from the truth in this situation. Promoting democracy is best served by bringing peace to the area. We already take a firm stance against terrorists and are continually fighting to end their attacks. Israel, as our ally, should want true peace as supportive of their prosperity.
Our own interests in the Middle East are best served by promoting peace in the area, respecting all of the players, and bringing about some accord. It is far easier to do business with a friend than an enemy.
We have to resist this act of aggression in the interests of our own safety and prosperity, as well as promoting democracy and peace worldwide. We have to resist being those we fought in World War II.

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